Visual artist and multi-instrumentalist Dan Grayson was born in 1980 and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Though he had found himself inescapably enraptured by art and creative pursuits since childhood, Dan consciously decided to avoid formal art education, fearing that the imposition of structure and bureaucracy would interfere with the spontaneous nature of art that he felt was essential to his inspiration. Taking his lessons instead from his own studies into the works of the great impressionist and expressionist painters, Dan sought a way to merge the untamed, improvisational nature of painting with the mesmerizing and precise portrayals of feminine beauty found in Art Nouveau.

Exploring themes of vulnerability, sensuality, seduction, duality, and mystique, Dan's paintings are meant to serve as a gateway into a visual universe of unique beauty. Whether it be through invisible radiations of love and attraction finding electric tangibility as they swirl and dance around a face or body, or primal forms interacting in abstract expression, Dan's paintings speak of a secret lens through which we may see the world in all of its infinite allure, one brief fragment at a time.