I have this dream of cloning myself several times, so that I have a whole crew of myself, all of one mind, to do things that one person can't do alone. I've wanted to design sound-reactive lighting systems for years as an un-manned way to enhance live musical performances, and while great strides have been made recently in the availability of the gear it would take to accomplish this, my initial experiements sent me off in a different direction: building light installations that require a human, and are playable, like musical instruments. Because I am only one person, I can't control them while I play my own music, so instead, I've been collaborating with my friends Robotanists and playing my light installations at some of their performances.

I will be joining them for their February 2010 residency at Silverlake Lounge (Feb 7, 14, 21, and 28). Update: here are some photos from Feb 7th:

Here are a couple of videos from past performances: